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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  February 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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states, they allegedly wanted to go to syria to fight for isis. the ties they have to our area. well, good morning everyone. it is coming on 6:00 on the dot this thursday, february february 26th. >> letting you know. also letting you know about snow. just as we predicted, moving in during the morning rush hour. once again couldn't be more inch convenient to have the snow coming at this time of day. so we're starting to see snow throughout the entire state of delaware through most of southern new jersey, cape may county as well as atlantic county and cumberland, salem i have them all. now, chester county, looking little closer here, down in sussex looks like it is probably starting to accumulate. specially around ocean pines ocean city maryland, dewey beach, rehoboth beach. we have newark, delaware, probably getting little bit of snow. and we see it moving into
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chester, lancaster maybe even little bit of berks counties, this morning. and your weather by the numbers, going with four out of ten not everybody will see this accumulating snow, but we need to be ready for t bus stop buddy sure s he's all bundled up this morning with the snow boots on, as well, so here is a breakdown of what's going to happen. it is going to be an event during the morning rush. heaviest snow will be south and east of i-95, if you're north and west of the city, you may not see anything, and if you do, it won't be much more than flurries or snow showers. whatever you get it will taper off by the middle of the day, several inches of accumulation, in southern new jersey, and the state of delaware, where we will have the breakdown of who gets what, take closer look at radar coming up in just a few moments. but we've got a look at some snow already coating the ground. where is this, bob kelly? >> we have the snow machines working. this is live look, delaware's route one. right by the airport. to give you an idea how quickly the road conditions are changing, it is only matter of about five, ten minute, from the time you
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start to see the first flakes, to where we start to get the snow coating. and again, you can see coming through the intersections here, what i'm concerned about is that underneath this coating could be the slippery icy spots that are left over from last week's storm. let's roll through some of the cameras here. to kind of give you idea of the different road conditions, again, this is route one down in delaware, again, with the weather conditions, messing up our cameras little bit there. i apologize for that one. going to up outside ocean city. this is route nine, just outside of somers point. so as sue mentioned, this is storm that's going to impact south delaware, south jersey, and as it is on the move you saw what it just did to the delaware roadways, that's what's happening, starting to happen here, in ocean citiment going back to the same intersection there, so the garden state parkway already has speed restrictions in play, because of the weather and an accident in collegeville, ridge pike, at eagleville road. germantown pike would be the best bet there.
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but, otherwise philadelphia, not seeing any flakes at all right now. so, we are getting break on the schuylkill, the boulevard and portions of i-95, but again, the further south and east you travel this morning you are going to see the road conditions change. the market frankford line, broad street subway, running on time, the buses are not operating, we had the overnight night owl service, so good to go with the trains. the paoli thorndale media elwyn, all of the lines running without a problem. septa just reminds you that the slippery platforms in those stairs, will be something we have to watch once the storm kicks into our area here. coming out of chester county again, getting a break. no flakes at all coming out of downingtown, west chester or malvern. and mass transit and the airport looking good, at least for the moment. chris, alex, back over to you. >> thank you bob. 6:03 violent night in philadelphia, police are investigating a series of shootings overnight, in a short time now. talking two hours here. >> yes, some that far violence resulted in death.
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let's go to fox's steve keeley now, at police headquarters with the latest, steve, good morning. >> yes, there is any good news that the violent night has ended for now since quarter after 2:00. let's go to the latest scene there is one in grays ferry just about ten seconds walk off the main grays ferry avenue over there in southwest philadelphia. this is where two guys were killed. both 23, both shot several times, nine bullets fired the interesting thing about this is that one of these guys dead was armed himself. he had a revolver, that was found in his pocket, in the emergency room, at presbyterian hospital, where they were trying to save his life which they could not do shot both in the head and the chest. he was pronounced dead 4:02 a.m. the other murder scene on the other side every town in north philadelphia. >> this scene on westmoreland, 34 year old woman driving this town car somebody fires 11 shots at her, one of the shots hits her in the arm but then the bullet going through her arm, then into her chest, a fatal wound, she then crashes into three cars, park on
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westmoreland. this happened just before midnight. just inbetween there third shooting scene and the only good news out of this, he survived after being grazed in the head. he also is shot while he is driving did a car. two guys tried to carjack him. the bullet just grazed his head. he got away with his life. and so far since those three incidents, no more violence to report. so at least there is some kind of progress in this town. >> at least something. all right, steve thank you. 6:05 the time. two alarm fire rips through bucks county business there is happened last night, in hulmeville at reese and lincoln avenues. the owner of the commercial building tells fox 29 the fire was sparked by repair work and one of the shops being rented in the building. there were no injuries. three men accused of plotting to travel to syria to join isis are being held without bail this morning. >> and they have ties to our area. now, two of the suspect are arrested in new york yesterday. one getting ready to boorda plane at jfk airport another
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in at home in the borough of brooklyn now third man was taken into custody in florida officials say they wanted to wage a war against the united state. but, an attorney for one of the new york suspect says the feds are moving too quickly. >> yes, the idea that it was made quite plane by the stage, if they were not able to go, that they would seek to require weapons here, so, machine gun and speak to attack very specifically police officers. >> reporter: federal agents say two of the three suspect have ties to our area. they say one ran kiosk at malls in the philadelphia area, and one was an employee; however, officials have not said which malls. >> well, 6:06 a.m. we now know what caused a house to explode in south jersey watch investigators found at the scene. >> and later the mummers get ready to take over manayunk. why they had to delay their mardi gras parade and when you can see them. coming up.
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general office announcing that joyce sheridan died of a stab wound. firefighters found joyce and john sheridan pictured here unresponsive after a fire in their home last september. no details have been released yet about who may have stabbed her. the cause of death for john sheridan is still unknown. investigators say, a gas main leak caused that house to explode earlier this week, and stafford township, new jersey. they say the home was filled with a dangerous amount of gas and flame in the utility room ignited it. more than dozen people were hurt, including a gas utility employee. he's still in critical condition. 6:00, so let's take a look at the radar. oh ya, we see some white there. it is going to be happening specially in ocean county, right, in new jersey. so we're going to have full forecast in just couple of minutes. bob? >> good morning everybody yes, looking out your front door. don't see any snow yet. don't worry. here's what's on the way. this is live look at route one in delaware. we'll check the rest of the
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snow cams and sue has homecoming?
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mississippi and louisianna are also shoving several inches, and having this much snow in the south is rare. now, i have some family of course in texas. >> right? >> they had two days off of school. and it was barely, just little bitty pieces of ice sue. wouldn't even last. >> even the phillies down in florida are getting temperatures in the low 60s. >> oh, how terrible for them. >> i know, all relative, isn't it? >> yes. >> that's it. so for us, we are watching this southern storm. as it continues to spread the snow, not only into our area, but most of virginia, getting snow, most of maryland getting snow all three counties of delaware, and we expect the most accumulations in sussex county, thus that school closure. i think we'll see a lot more of those. now that the snow is making itself evident. most of southern new jersey getting light snowfall right now, lancaster county, and chester county, in pennsylvania, and we're starting to see little snow sneak into perhaps delaware county.
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so that's the area, those are the areas that we're watching right now. here in the city looks like it is getting close. it will be very close call for us, in philadelphia, whether we get much, if anything, out of this storm. but we continue to watch everything mover from south to north, so that's why sussex, under winter storm warning for higher amounts of accumulations, and then everybody else that is under that winter weather advisory, expecting a messy commute this morning. but, maybe not as much as the three to 6 inches down south one to 3 inches for most of the south jersey, northern delaware situation we may get coating to inch in philadelphia. again, we are right on the edge there whether we will get snow or not. 28 degrees right now in philadelphia, it is certainly getting colder, 24 in lancaster, 12 in mount pocono, 31 degrees in millville, new jersey and 32, right at freezing, in dover delaware, where they are starting to see little bit of light snowfall as well. so, this is a morning event. it should be out of here by 1:00, 2:00 at the very latest,
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and then, we'll get some sunshine by tomorrow. in the afternoon probably. high of 29 degrees, so it gives us another frigid friday. stays pretty cold saturday. upper 30's sunday. now the models are showing whatever precipitation we get may not come until sunday night into monday. we will see what happens with that. and, messy weather potential on tuesday and wednesday but first, we got to get through this storm. whatever you're showing us right now very white bob kelly. >> yes, this is live look, right near dover speedway, down in delaware. as you mentioned dover and south jersey, getting hit hard. and quickly in the last half hour the road conditions have casino of gone south pretty much you got one lane open here. but again, the crews have been out there. what i am concerned about is that far left or right side of this road surface here, that may have some left over ice underneath it. once you put coating of snow on top of it, it is a whole new game for everybody. good morning to rehoboth. here is a live look, one of
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the major roadways, down in rehoboth beach delaware, so again, the snow's on the way. if you look out your front window, don't see it yet look at south jersey here, 47 and 347. just outside of rio grand the back end of wildwood here, you can see it really coming down pretty good clip here in the overhead street lamps. and because of the weather moving into south jersey here, speed restrictions in play, up and down the garden state parkway. but if you are leaving say king of prussia conshy, no delays at all on the schuylkill expressway, cameras still dry and the roads are dry. an accident though in collegeville, ridge pike, eagle view road. folks using the germantown pike. but what's going to be tough about this storm is that the road conditions are going to change during our morning rush hour. and of course, for mass transit, the market frankford line, the broad street subway, no problems at the moment. watch for weather delays, though. i'm going to bet awe jelly donut we'll have delays down
6:18 am
at philadelphia international airport. nothing reported at the moment. but again we haven't seen the first flailing hit the airport area. some flights coming in from other cities could already have delays, and so just check with the airline before you head down to the airport. and once you start hitting the regional rail lines all of the septa platforms, the stairwells, could be a little slippery. but at the moment, regional rail lines looking good. and if you are coming in from say chester county, out from downingtown, no problems at all, from west chester up through malvern. >> chris, al edges back to you. >> syrian activists say the number of christians abducted by state militants in northeastern syria had a riz tone 220. isis began abducting them monday when militants attacked a cluster of villages sending thousands of people fleeing to safer areas. >> public feud between us and israel is increasing after benjamin netanyahu accused world powers of rolling over to iran. the prime minister says in action on iran, is allowing the country to develop nuclear power. but secretary of state john
6:19 am
kerry questioned the prime minister's judgement on this issue. the comment come ahead of netanyahu's visit to congress next week. the speech was orchestrated by republicans without the white house's consent. many democrats plan to skip the speech. meanwhile iran launches massive series every military exercises including attack on a replica of an us aircraft carrier. the drills happened near the straight, the strategic waterway transit point for fifth the world's oil. the drills came just day after iran agreed another round of talks aimed at containing its nuclear program. iran's president says the country will continue their military path even through these negotiations. >> okay, let's check on the roads in delaware. already sussex county delaware hearing woodbridge school district is closed so they're dealing with more snow down there. >> right. sussex county of course the southern most county of delaware, and that's where much of this weather is hitting right now. gregg late on joins us on the phone from del dot. how is it looking on the
6:20 am
roads? >> reporter: roads starting to get covered in sussex county. >> can you tell us anything more? can you add some detail to that about how many plows you might have out or what you're doing it make the road conditions good for the good people of the first state? >> i don't have a number on the plows, but we have all of our crews in sussex county out now working. they are spreading salt, and as the snow continues to accumulate they will be plowing and doing other things to address the situation. >> how long have they been working on the roadways, since last night or just earlier this morning? >> reporter: they've been working since 4:00 a.m. >> okay, and we'll let you go, gregg, thank for your time, appreciate it, sir. six 6ers didn't think michael carter williams in their future plans but they met up with him last night. what happened when the sixers took on the bucks. and, we're taking a live look in atlantic city. oh ya, seeing some activity there. we'll check back in with sue to get an update on this
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>> good morning, aim sean bell. sixers getting a reunion they didn't really want. michael carter williams trade dollars to the bucks last week made the sixers pay last night. michael carter williams faces his old teammates for the first time since the trade. the bucks dominated ncw with
6:24 am
eight points assists, two steels, just 18 minutes. sixers lose 104 to 88. phillies need to volleyed few their infield, man that needs to step up is codey ashy. working with phillies great larry bowa, the legend, can take codey's game to the next level. >> i think we have a good relationship, you know, took little bit for us to casino of see eye to eye since last year, once we did i think my play got better. >> really improved a lot. he's got soft hands good arm i like him. >> do you see him hitting homeruns too? >> not 30, but 15, 20, eventually. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> larry bowa, if he can work with me and help me improve i'm sure he can handle codey. >> you guys hunk out. >> we did. >> the great shortstop of the world champion 1980 philadelphia -- >> i learned some things. what about this fight?
6:25 am
everyone talking about this, you know, floyd may weather finally coming head-to-head. >> clash of titans. so he says he'll use his left and right fist. >> because what else does he use, flight. >> thank you. may weather favored to win the may second bought in las vegas, schedule to fly to the u.s. saturday, will continue his training stateside. fans have waited six years for this match up. tickets not yet on sale. but i know one thing for sure, raising two children, i cannot afford a ticket to this fight. >> well, look, they start at $1,000. >> that's right. >> starting price. >> so the cheapest seat listed, you know, few actually will go public, a lot of the promoters and sponsors, but seat listed for $4,000. >> ya. >> to go to the fight. >> and toast are going to start going up. >> hotel rooms i'm sure that's going up. >> demand will be high. >> i don't be going either. it is okay. >> no. >> we'll both be here. >> jenny joyce live in woodbine, new jersey looking at the weather hi, jen.
6:26 am
>> reporter: hi, guys, not sure if you asked me a question or not but we've ventured down to cape may count any woodbine, new jersey where the snow is falling steadily. we'll have a live report on the conditions coming up next.
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to be masters of a test?
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>> another i mornings, once again, the timing that's the issue here. >> alec, other big story of the day violence in philadelphia from overnight. four people shot in three different shootings. what police are saying about these crimes. and, the mummers celebrate mardi gras a week late. but, better late than never right? why they had to hold off on their festivities, and when you can see them, and join in on the fun. good day to you, it is thursday february 26. 2015. how are you, chris? >> i'm doing well. i wish i were mike jerek today. he is about to fly somewhere tropical for about ten days. >> saint bart's, that's right. >> wouldn't it be nice to get out of this weather speaking of the weather we want to see the weather where you are. use the hashtag #fox29snow. >> i know one area they are seeing snow, delaware, sussex county delaware, woodbridge school district they've closed so we will keep you updated on any closings as they come in. sue? >> i think we will start seeing a lot more, now that the snow is actually here. it is hard to make a decision
6:30 am
on the forecast, we understand that, but if you're in delaware, if you're in most of south jersey, there are some places probably seeing snow falling pretty heavily at least, briefly, and then it will let up for little bit. and there is sussex county, delaware, down into ocean sit maryland, and the eastern shore of maryland, we move up north, there is new castle county delaware, also getting some snow. light snow maybe falling in chester, lancaster counties, but it is heavier in the places where we have that winter weather advisory, in effect. we'll look more in depth at radar in a moment. bus stop buddy ready for some snow with his snow boots on, all set for that, if you are going to get some. so going to gave you a four today, for the folks who will have a terrible time traveling around this morning but not everybody is going to see accumulating snow. so your commute this morning may not be a lot of fun. some flurries, 7:00, snow 8:00, even in the city we could be seeing some snow, so make sure to slow down. temperatures will stay in the 20's and then later on this afternoon, it will look a lot
6:31 am
better. we may even see little bit of sunshine maybe just few left-over flurries, this evening. but, we do have much better afternoon commute than we do in the morning. so temperatures will remain in the 20's, for the rest of the day. and that's a look at your weather for this thursday, bob kelly is standing by. >> hey, i like your little dashboard thing going thon. >> yes. >> do you have a cassette player? >> automatic car ya. >> good morning everybody 6:31 hello to rehoboth beach delaware. here is a live look what is out your front door, if you are living down in delaware, or if you look out your front door right now. what are they talking about? no snow yet. this is what's on the way live look from rehoboth beach. an example of what happens pretty quickly once the flakes start to fall. live look at dewey beach delaware quickly getting snow covered. so the del dot crews hopefully were out on overnight putting down the brine and treating the road surface but it is
6:32 am
accumulates pretty quickly. what i am concerned about is underneath this dusting or coating, is the left over ice from the last storm. and again you really can't -- won't be able to see that once we start to see the precipitation, and that snow start to accumulate. here is a live look, at different story though. i-295 southbound, at route 30 an accident right underneath our traffic light here. but as you head southbound, that left lane taken out. see the difference in the road conditions. so depending upon where you begin and ends your trip, the road conditions are going to change and change quickly during our morning rush hour. that is the toughest part about this storm. it is the timing, it is hitting us during our morning rush hour. live look at i95 coming up from del coach roads are dry in pennsylvania, at least right now 422, coming in from royersford collegeville, not problem yet headed into saint gabe's, little bit of slow down here on the eastbound 30 bypass, we got a disable
6:33 am
vehicle, right near business route 30, but again, it is one of those upside down types of storms. where delaware and south jersey is seeing all of the snow first. and just some light flurries starting to hit here west chester, and chester county. south 95 just under a half hour out of the northeast into downtown. and mass transit running with no delays. chris, al edge, back over to you. >> 6:33, thank you bob. more closing coming in. cape may city elementary schools are closed and the west cape may school district is also closed. >> absolutely, so jennifer joyce in cape may county, new jersey looking at the weather for us. boy, really starting to come down jen? >> reporter: it is, and i was forced to put on my hat and my hood here, because it is coming down pretty steadily. only within the last hour or so. and already, there is this slight accumulation here. but it is coming down fast. we are looking at the roadways now. you know, cars still moving by pretty quickly. however, it is 31 degrees, that's below freezing, so we always think that the roads are going to get dicey specially when you don't see
6:34 am
that much accumulation, you don't think you have anything to worry about. but there have got to be some slick spots out there when you are not speccing it. so you might want to take it easy now that we are into the morning rush hour. so back out here live, we are, you can see again the snow falling. so we're going to continue to navigate. we'll go throughout cape may county, i believe we are headed to ocean city, eventually. so we will keep up posted on what we are seeing again pretty steady snowfall out here right now alex, chris? >> at least road looks clear at this point. all right thank you. 6:34, series of shootings kept philadelphia police very busy overnight. >> and this violence ended in death. fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters, with the struggle details of violent night in philadelphia. >> less time it talks to watch a football game, two and a half hours before midnight and quarter after 23:00 different shootings scenes, four different victims, three murder evidences.
6:35 am
one woman, two men. let's go to where the two men were killed. that's the latest scene both of them walking together on the sidewalk here just off grays ferry avenue, and on side street, latona. one every them actually had a gun on him as well. he had the gun in his pocket, he never got to pull it out because somebody pulled semiautomatic gun on them, got nine quick shots off and killed both of these guys. the second guy pronounced dead at 4:00 this morning. >> at the hospital police found a revolver, handgun in his pocket. based on balistic evidence on the scene we know that at least nine shots were fired from a sim automatic weapon. we found nine spent shell casings, all in very close proximity, to where both of these victims were laying on the highway. which is an indication that the shooter was in very close proximity to both of these victims when firing the shots.
6:36 am
>> well, here is where the first murder the night happened. just before midnight. now you're on the other side of town, north philadelphia, here on westmoreland, 34 year old woman driving this town car, you see, smashed into parked cars, women, somebody fired 11 shots at her, one of them hit her in the arm. the bullet then went through her arm into her chest and she was pronounced dead. >> evidence on the scene we know at least 11 shots were fired from a large caliber semiautomatic weapon. we found 11 spent shell casings on the highway. the window to the driver door was down. however, the rear driver door window is broken out. unknown if it was broken out from gunfire or in some other manner. >> so, just inbetween the two murders, a third shooting scene, just matter every inches, or we would have a fourth murder. just inches, the difference between life and death and having another victim here. this is on guyer avenue two,
6:37 am
men came up, tried to carjack him. he took off like that woman did. and he got away. but somebody fired a bunch of bullets into his car. and one of those bullets grazed him in the head. that is the difference between having three murder victims in two and a half hours and four just that much space likely. >> hard to imagine it could have been even worse. >> the time frame, two and a half hours. all right, thank you steve. 6:37. later this morning the philly coalition advocating for public schools will board buses for the state capitol to rally for fair budget. after the rally they plan to personally meet with legislatures, they want pennsylvania governor tom wolf to increase funding for schools. wolf delivers his first budget address next tuesday. and pennsylvania house of representatives will vote today on bill to privatize state-run wine and liquor stores. the propose at calls for closing most of the state's 600 stores, and sell nearly 1200 licenses to retail stores. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says that he'll veto that bill. so much for a clean get
6:38 am
away. a burglar slips on the ice after breaking into a home in upper darby. take a look at this video. surveillance video at. that will shows one of the two burglars slipping on the ice in the 400 block every glendale road monday. one or both of them leaves a trail of blood inside the home. so the owner returned to find the damage, and realize the pair even drank his beer while ransacking his home. he spoke only to fox 29. >> they got few old clothes one old tv, and few things i don't know. they got tools. >> one of the two took a head err, the way they're walking it looks like a female, but maybe they're limping, because of the fall. but hoping that somebody can take a look at the video and help us identify these individuals. >> i hope they catch him. so at least we are not somebody else do the same. >> maybe they had been drinking beer before they drank the guy's beer inside the home. tna tests on the blood hoping
6:39 am
to lead them them. house across the street burglarized at the same time. galloway township searching for two suspect who ripped off place of worship. >> this happened shortly before 1:00 yesterday at the hindu temple of god on pomona road. police have released this picture of the suspect in the vehicle they got away in. it is a two tone white and beige vehicle with a dark bug shield on the hood. if you recognize them, of course call police. >> mummers take over manayunk this coming saturday. >> i guess we can call it mardi gras part two. they are a little late here, but that's okay. all 17 string bands from the annual new years day parade will march down main street in the first philadelphia mummers mardi gras parade. now, it was supposed to happen last weekends. it was postponed because of the snow. so the fun starts at noon, parade goers can also buy 10-dollar wrist bands for entry into the after parties plus food and drink discounts. >> we can call it part do for do over. >> i like that i like that a lot. 39:00. a lot of people waking up and seeing the snow this morning. but we're not the only ones
6:40 am
that are dealing with it. we're going to take a look at how things are in virginina next. >> oh, yes a southern storm so the further south go, from philadelphia, the more snow you are going to see. we'll tell how has got it and who doesn't coming up in your weather authority forecast. chris? >> all right, sue serio, thank you very much. and, just reminder: are you seeing snow where you are right now? if so please send your pictures via twill err with the hashtag #fox29snow.
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6:43 am
more than 07 cars were involved in number every pileups. take a look at this video. >> this was along i-95 yesterday. seventeen people were hurt. you can see emergency responders there trying to help out. safely cars school bus tractor-trailer, were involved. emergency work hers to climb on top of cars, just to reach the drivers, that were stuck in the middle of the crash. one police officer described the scene as a giant pile of metal. and the biggest crash in maine in more than 15 years. >> now, much farther to the south, sue is tracking the weather of this system right now. sue?
6:44 am
>> which is why we're telling you, slow down, especially if you're the further south go, the more snow you'll see. this is a picture sent to us via twitter from hill, snowing here in cape may no school, lower cape may regional high school, that's a report from her. and we will get that confirmed for you and have all of the schools, delays, closings, on and scrolling on the bottom of your screen, as well, so it is already starting to pipe up there. there you can see it on ultimate doppler radar. another case of unfortunate timing. as we zoom in little closer, and show you down in sussex county that seems to be where the heaviest snow is falling. looks like rehoboth beach getting some decent snow. so is cape may even in atlantic city, millville the northern part of delaware, little bit of snow in lancaster, and chester counties, and it looks like we be seeing some in delco, as women. and south philly, you might be seeing couple of snowflakes at the moment. there is another look across the river gloucester, that
6:45 am
part of the atlantic city expressway probably getting little bit of snow coverage. this is your winter weather advisory, all of south jersey, northern delaware, sussex county you've got that winter storm warning in effect. could you get anywhere between three-6 inches every snow, somewhere in that range. couple of inches to the north of that. still remains to be seen whether we'll get the coating to inch in philadelphia, here if it happens probably won't be until main 8:00 or 9:00 this morning we see the snow start to spread into philadelphia. but we're really right on the edge that far border that far storm. 28 degrees, is our temperature right now. twelve in mount pocono. twenty-four in lancaster and 25 degrees in trenton. we're in the 20's to the south of us, except for dover wildwood, which now have gone below freezing. so we did have a little bit of sleet, freezing rain mix in the in wildwood earlier this morning, but i think it is all snow now. and it is the warning, a morning event. by this afternoon it should be gone. clouds in the morning on friday sunshine in the
6:46 am
afternoon, but it is another frigid friday, high of 29, looks like most of the weekends will be dry. little colder than originally anticipated. but still we do have mess zero messy weather for the next few weeks. now, back to this morning bob kelly looking at a lot of snow covered roads. >> yes, we r6 46:00. just got tweet that said this one is from town i marie said: bobby please show more picks of dover downs. my daddy works there. >> awe. >> all right ready you ask and your receive. good morning to dover downs. there go, in the background, here is a example of the delaware roadways again quickly, the road conditions are changing, and that's going to be the situation we're dealing with this morning. as the conditions are going to change, from the time you step out the front door, to the time you get to work, school, or where ever it is that you are going this morning and again, you could begin the trip good, let's begin down here wildwood. hello wildwood. just outside wildwood. this is cape may toll plaza so
6:47 am
again the garden state parkway snow covered. and they have speed restrictions in play as well. we will come up into center city philadelphia, though dry as a bone, this is live look at i-95, coming in toward the vine street expressway, disable vehicle here off to the leftment look at the road conditions. so depending upon where you begin, the further south, and east you go, the road conditions are going to change. curb check. conshohocken curve check in the background, no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway. from conshohocken in toward downtown. however, we're starting to see volume out of northeast philadelphia, you know the drill, riding the brakes, the betsy ross bridge down into center city fill bye half hour delay altogether. again, south jersey, starting to see some flakes roll through vineland, jenny's reporting live from down there, working its way up that route 55 corridor. and then of course your normal volume delays coming in toward the city. so all going to be impacted, sometime, through the morning rush hour, coming out of downingtown, some flakes reported, as well, on the bypass head in the toward chester county. airport looking good. and no problems on mass
6:48 am
transit, as of yet. chris, alex, back to you. >> coming up on 6:48. not the only ones dealing with winter weather. warning in central -- >> 6 inches of snow before this is all over, live in spots ill vein ya, virginia with a look at conditions there. you can see coming down. >> yes coming down quick alex chris. good morning here in possible ill vein ya virginia about 40 miles south of dc. it is a winter wonderland. i must say. i'm going to step out the way. you can take a look at this beautiful parking lot that we have for you. we just can't catch a break. this is our third snowstorm in eight days. and the snow is just piling up. the kids love it, of course. but for those of house have to be in it today the storm is hitting us right smack in the middle of rush hour t could be disruption for many of house have to be in this. now the system is expected to move out of our region around 9:00 or so this morning. we are looking at about one to
6:49 am
3 inches in the dc region, here? spots ill vein ya look at 2 inches so far. the good news, major roads are in clear good condition. the smaller streets that you have to be careful about of course. now, one thing that is of good news here is that we had above freezing temperatures yesterday, in the 30's today, so that is certainly helping us out as far as the accumulation goes. and, just dealing with it, now? we had this arctic blast that's been with us for few days, and i don't know, i think many people depending on who you ask are tired of this snow. but it is just helping us casino of cope. so as long as it stays above freezing i'm happy. and then another thing of course is that we are 21 days away from spring! >> oh,. >> that's the good news. >> we've start that countdown. i can't stop looking at the big pile of snow behind you. i just want to run and jump in it. >> annie, if you want really good weather, come to pennsylvania, come to philadelphia, market street
6:50 am
snow snow. >> hey, if you invite me, i'm so there. >> you're invited. >> she's like anything to get out of here. >> head up i-95, girl. thanks so much. appreciate it. she's having fun at least. >> really. >> 6:50 the time. some sad news to report when it comes to entertainment. there are reports that bonn -- bobbi kristina brown was taken out of medically induced comb a that's entirely good. >> she did not respond the way family members had hoped. the daughter of the latest when any houston has been in a coma since late january. doctors brought her out after coma but started having violent seizures, her father bobby brown has postpone tour dates in australia as he sits by her bedside. >> did you see this? madonna said she is okay after falling during a appearance at the air wards last night. yes, standing on the stairs which were part of the set up, madonna fell backward off the stairs, the fall seemed to have caused, you know, her by the cape she is wearing
6:51 am
apparently just too tight. so when the guy behind her yanked it, it was supposed to just come right off in his hand, he yanked her down the stairs on to the ground. then the dancers just stay in their pose. look at this ready? >> what do we do? help her? evidently she sprung right back up. she what 56 years old now? >> oh, it looks like a fall, too. that's like three, four stairs there. big stairs. >> yes. anyway, by the way it was the singer's first time performing in 20 years. the looks of it, two decades before she returns. >> don't say that. >> laid gay go's joining the cast of american horror story the pop star will join the fifth season of the hit zest ear, which returns in october. now, gaga posted a video to her twitter page, to announce this news. oh, look at. that will she said that the name of the show's new season is america horror story hotel. >> i'm horrified. >> yes. before the show begins filming, gaga is going on tour tony bennett that tour with tony bennett kicks off in
6:52 am
april. she will be a busy girl. so is that the announcement? my gosh. >> what is she going to do when he is singing my kind of town ♪ ♪ she certainly knows how to wear some costumes. like this is nice addition to the show. >> hey we've been asking for snow picks. let's show a couple of them. thank you for sending them in with the hashtag #fox29snow. >> this one is from mattie young in middletown, delaware. look at that. yes. >> this is ocean city, new jersey. a lot of snow looks like. maybe just no one is out there playing in it? >> down the shore will get hit pretty hard. >> keep sending the pictures, use the has
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> the road seems a lot longer in disney, then get off the ride your kids are still singing it over and over, ya. >> opened in 1966 that ride by the way. so what do you think? do you think love and disney go together here? >> i feel like at first oh, i love this song, then it keeps going over and over in high head. >> this california couple
6:56 am
celebrating three disney parks in 24 hours here they are they do look a bit tired. don't they in the couple spent every anniversary at a disney park, but they wanted to mark their 17th special by visiting the park's in tokyo, los angeles, and florida on the same day. how many miles is that? so it is what, roughly 3,000 miles from los angeles to orlando but then tokyo? after tokyo they jetted off to la 5:00 p.m. valentine day due to the 16 hour time difference arrived in los angeles at 9:00 a.m. the same day. ahh there is the trick. made it to florida just before midnight. but it was a rush to get there. it wasn't easy. >> literally running, because our flight in from tokyo was an hour late. and we had a car service to pick us up, and he did everything short of driving over sidewalks or anything, up on to the counter person there just shaking your head. your plane left two minutes ago. got into the magic kingdom with 20 minute to spare before
6:57 am
midnight. >> so he is a big kid got the cereal shirt on, captain america crunch. not only why but how much did it cost? that dude said they spent somewhere between 13 to $15,000. >> wow. shear my thing, celebrating your anniversary, isn't the point to be like be together in quality time? if you are running from place to place, do you have time to look into each other's eyes oh i love you that casino of thing? >> well, they'll have plenty of time to do that when they catch up on the jet lag in bed, flight. >> at least they can say that they did that. >> so united airlines bosses sends stern warning to their pilots after number of serious incidents were caused by quote pilot error. but pilots say they are facing a lot of challenges, like less training, even being encourage today quote skirt the rules. so what's going on on the skies? we'll tell you what's happening before you hop on a plane. >> i don't think i want to know. that's scary stuff. hey couple of more pictures to show you of the snow. here we go. this is claire, coming down in
6:58 am
bear delaware. >> she just can't bear it. >> oh. oh and this is from andrea, she put the hashtag there hashtag delaware home. >> i don't think she will be sitting out on the deck today. >> no, probably taking it from a window. >> keep them coming use the hear tag fox 29 snow. love to see how it looks in your neighborhood. >> ♪ ♪
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